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It's Finally Summer in the Office!

Oh man, there’s nothing like summer in the office! When the air conditioner buzzes on and frigid air chills me to my core, I knowit’s somewhere between 70 and 109 outside. I don’t know for sure because I only am outside for two fifteen-minute intervals per day, once early in the morning and once after the sun goes down, but man, it sure looks hot out there!

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How To Get A Perfect Beach Body

Listen up, girls! It’s almost summertime, which means there are only a couple months left to get your perfect beach body! Don’t panic! Here’s a how-to guide to YOUR ultimate beach body!

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The Queso Dip Consumption Ritual Between Two Female Roommates

The queso dip consumption ritual between two female roommates is a complicated, delicate dance.

It begins when one roommate purchases a jar of queso dip. Perhaps it’s procured from the local bodega on a drunken night. Perhaps it’s slipped into the cart during a by-the-book grocery store run. Or perhaps it was “accidentally” taken home from Greg and Lucinda’s potluck.

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T.G.O.W (The Grapes Of Wrath): Netflix Hottest New Show

JENOMG!! Are you done with T.G.O.W. yet??

LESLIE: No! Started today. They just packed up and got on the road. So excited!

JEN: It gets SO good! I’m so jealous you aren’t done yet!

LESLIE: I <3 the word choice in Chapter 3!

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An Excerpt From The Victorian Diary of A Man Whose Local Bodega Has Just Been Shut Down

Dearest Diary,

It’s been a fortnight now since my local bodega shut its doors. O! When those lights went out, so extinguished was the light in my heart. I sit before you a shadow of the man I once was. I am untethered. I have come undone. I am without my corner store.

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SWF Seeking SM To Sleep On the Other Side of the Bed

I am a non-snorer and cover sharer who tends to sleep exclusively on one side of the bed, thereby creating a semi-permanent valley in the mattress. I’m looking for a man to sleep next to me to even out my mattress. Cleanliness is a plus. Not too much body hair. Nonsmoker. Individuals with excessive night-sweating need not apply. 

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